Hola, I’m Laura, a children’s books illustrator, artist and graphic designer from Uruguay.

I develop whimsical and unique characters and scenes that make an impact on readers, young and old. I’ve been honing my traditional art skills since 2017, with an extensive background as a Graphic Designer (including book design and packaging). With the use of watercolors, pencils and digital tools I can ensure a handmade feel that stands out from the crowd.

Children’s Books

Character development


“The Ghost of the Blanes Museum”

Pixar Xperiential Class of Summer 2022 Storyreel

People say museums are haunted, this one definitely is…

This is the story of Clara, the ghost of the Blanes Museum, but this isn’t a regular ghost story…

The main character could have been any ghost, in any museum of the world, but this story reel honors my country (Uruguay) and a very misunderstood woman: Clara García de Zuñiga.

Illustrated Graphic Design