The Magical Bakery

“Miss Bunna Cupcake dreams of being young enough to ride rollercoasters again.

The problem is, now that she’s over 80 years old the attendants at the amusement park will not let her ride her favorite rides.

But, Miss Bunna Cupcake is determined to relive this special experience from her youth – even if it costs her.”

This story was created by an AMAZING group of 8-12 year olds in New York in collaboration with award-winning author, Jesse Byrd, via a workshop powered by the non-profit New York Edge.

Whimsical illustrations with handmade flair

Children’s books illustration

I have been honing my traditional art skills since 2017 – my specialty is developing whimsical universes that depict your children’s book stories in the most vivid light.

With the use of watercolors and pencils, as well as other traditional media techniques, I can ensure a unique and handmade feel to the book that will make an impact on readers young and old.

The Magical Bakery
In the Magical Sea

story-worthy characters

“Captain of my ship” original short story for Uruguay’s 2021 Illustration Awards contest

Creating colorful and bright characters is not just for books, I can create the perfect illustrations to accompany any printed or digital publication – including packaging, editorial, educational posters, products and more!