This character development series originated from a simple concept, an older lady with a walker that loves meeting her friends and their pups.

Loose prompt on a @storycamp_disco assignment on building true characters. The description of the old lady was made by @anna_hebbedinge_petry

The hedgehog has her walker all glittered up to make it stand out in the crowd, she's really proud of it. Her doggo is named Buñuelo after a sweet and delicious Uruguayan treat with a very round form!
The hedgehog lady was the origin of the story, and I worked on building a universe around her. She has two other friends, a colorful and fun rabbit that has stayed in the 60s in spirit, and a chameleon with a sharp sense of humor that dreams of moving to Paris.

A vibrant palette, based in rich browns with pops of color brought by turquoise, pink and bright green.
Salchicha is one of the gang's dogs, he became my favorite in this entire character development series because he's friendly, full of energy and his wheels are never a discomfort.
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