Self published zine compilation of over 31 artworks made with blue ink and watercolors during the Inktober event 2018. Everything including the art of the cover was made by hand.

Each day I made an illustration inspired by an episode name from the famous TV series The X-Files - some are deeply inspired by memorabilia and others are a less literal approach featuring the fictional characters of Cat Mulder and Scully
Ever since you open the zine, you're transported into this sci-fi universe.
Each illustration was painted using mainly blue ink, with bits of watercolor and shimmer here and there. Here you can see some of the illustration process:
The final artwork in the zine reflects the original art, and only minor tweaks were added to correct color and tint. Some of the pieces painted for this project are my most treasured posessions!
Character sheets for both Cat Mulder and Cat Scully were made, recapping fun character traits and facts - lettered by hand with ink too!
Feature pages highlight the best and brightest pieces to make for a fun surprise and change of pace while enjoying the zine.
Aliens, redacted files and conspirancy theories were woven into the illustrations as a common thread.

For the most part, episode names and the overall feel of the X-Files series was the sparkle that ignited the fire - but some pieces really bring the scenery, like Mulder and Scully's office and iconic "I want to believe" poster that change through various states during the course of the zine.
Hope you enjoyed this project! And remeber, the truth is out there :)
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